Pro Chef Power Package

The Pro Chef Power Package by Baking Intelligence includes modules on baking basics, cake decorating, advanced chocolate techniques, dessert, cheese, yoghurt, and chocolate making. It also features eBooks on recipes, cake business, branding, and boos
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The Pro Chef Power Package by Baking Intelligence is a comprehensive, all-inclusive baking mastery program designed for both aspiring and experienced bakers looking to elevate their skills. This meticulously curated package includes a series of detailed modules and valuable eBooks to provide a thorough understanding of baking techniques and business acumen.

Modules Included:

  1. The Basics of Baking + Super-Moist Cake Baking: Master fundamental baking skills and secrets to creating irresistibly moist cakes.
  2. Quick Breads: Learn the art of making delicious, time-efficient breads.
  3. Cake Decorating: Develop essential cake decorating techniques to create visually stunning cakes.
  4. Advanced Decorating with Chocolate: Explore advanced chocolate decorating methods to enhance your desserts.
  5. Dessert Making: Craft a variety of delectable desserts to expand your repertoire.
  6. Cheese Making: Discover the process of making homemade cheese from scratch.
  7. Yoghurt Making: Learn how to create rich, creamy yoghurts in your own kitchen.
  8. Chocolate Making: Master the craft of chocolate making to produce professional-quality confections.

eBooks Included:

  • Cassata Book of Recipes (Volume 1) Cakes: A comprehensive guide to baking a variety of cakes.
  • Cassata Book of Recipes (Volume 3) Cake Fillings Encyclopaedia: An extensive resource for perfecting cake fillings.
  • Cassata Book Series - Mastering Cake Business (Volume 5): Insights and strategies for running a successful cake business.
  • Branding Yourself & Your Business: Essential tips for building a strong personal and business brand.
  • Boost Your Online Sales: Strategies to enhance your online presence and increase sales.

The Pro Chef Power Package is your ultimate toolkit for becoming a baking expert and successful business owner.

  • Module 1 - The Basics Of Baking + Super-Moist Cake Baking
  • Module 2 - Quick Breads
  • Module 3 - Cake Decorating
  • Module 4 - Advanced Decorating With Chocolate
  • Module 6 - Dessert Making
  • Module 7 - Chocolate Making
  • Module 8 - Yoghurt Making
  • Module 9 - Cheese Making
This course includes:
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  •   3 documents
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