Cassata Book Of Recipes (Volume 1) CAKES, is a fully loaded Cake Recipe Ebook with a collection of over 21 superb mouth watering cake recipes that will make you undisputedly the best baker in your city.


Osarhieme Fola-Alade



Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Cassata Book Of Recipes (Volume 1). Ever since I was a child I've always known at the back of my mind that I will write a recipe book someday. The time is here.

This book packs into it, over 33 years of my baking experience, which made it's debut in my teenage years. I've had to break Cassata Book Of Recipes into volumes as it will be too long to chronicle in one volume all the delectable recipes and procedures that I have in store for you.

Have you ever wished you could bake, and not just bake, but bake those delicious. soft, super-moist cakes that makes everyone keep coming back for more? This book provides you with a splendid opportunity to learn step by step procedures for baking 22 amazing Cassata Cake Recipes that will turn you into that instant Pro baker that you've always dreamt of becoming. And what's more? You get to keep this Ebook forever, so It goes well beyond my training classes.

I have written a brief story about each recipe to give you a more in-depth knowledge about the history or origin of the cake, thereby making you a better informed baker with more understanding of the why's and wherefores of each cake you are baking. In that way, you'll be better prepared to answer prodding questions from curious friends, loved ones and customers alike.

It is my hope that through Cassata Book Of Recipes, you'll be better able to consolidate the trainings you have received from me and have this book as memorabilia of my work with you.

So lets go baking!

Osarhieme Fola-Alade

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