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Welcome to my world of irresistible flavours and textures. Indulge in my book's encyclopedia of heavenly buttercreams, frostings, sauces, and syrups. Elevate your baking, delight in decadence—perfect for passionate dessert creators!


Osarhieme Fola-Alade



Welcome sugar creators. It's finally here, Yayyyyy! This third edition has been long in coming, but it's finally here! I'm not sure who's happier - me to give it, or you to receive it? However, I'm glad to say that I'm sure we'll all be in our happy place with this book.

What are Cake Fillings? Cake fillings are the totality of those creamy, fluffy, fruity, ridiculously delicious and insanely sweet mixtures (both cooked and uncooked), that we use in-between the layers of our cakes and desserts or use in covering & decorating them, which make our sweet treats so tasty, so classy & so visually alluring.

In this book, I'll take you through the steps required to turn out the most impressive and delicious Cake Fillings such as assorted types of Buttercreams, Frostings, Fillings, Sauces & Syrups. In the twinkling of an eye you will be churning out cake fillings that will make you a MEGA-STAR in your city and beyond.

It's time dear baker for you to realise your greatest potential. Now is the time!

Follow the steps in this book and you will become that Mega-Star your city has been looking for.

Let's go there!

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